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Nathan Wedge


With a background in the military and the father of six children, you can expect an organized, motivating plan that is tailored to YOUR goals at the very centre. Your fitness journey starts with the willpower to try! The rest will be achieved through sweat, hard work and lots of laughter along the way.

I am a keen runner and devise fitness plans that capture cardio and weights hand in hand to smash your weight loss goals! I am passionate about helping people both in my day to day job as a trainee dentist and in my role as a personal trainer. I will be as invested as you are in achieving your goals. I am known as the smiling assassin (don’t know why) but you are guaranteed to be pushed beyond your limits. One thing that I love about the fitness industry is that amazing moment when clients, who are convinced they aren’t capable of doing something, smash it out the park!

Come down for a free consultation and we can have a friendly chat and together begin making those goals, realities!

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