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Do You Answer "Yes" To Any Of The Following?

  • Want to LOSE WEIGHT and GET FIT during self-isolation but struggle with the time and motivation to do it alone?
  • Want to improve your figure and appearance whilst changing bad habits and introduce positive lifestyle adjustments?
  • Want to stick together, support and motivate each other while dropping a dress size in the next few weeks?
  • Want to join a supportive community where we all work hard together to achieve our goals?
  • Want to have more energy throughout the day so you can be more productive and motivated towards fitness and all aspects of life?

Some Of Our ULTIMATE Transformations

Staying motivated and being inspired to stay/be healthy has always been a challenge for me but since I have been training at this gym it has been a lot easier, the fact that it is on my doorstep helps.

But mainly the inspiration and support I get from my trainer is the main reason I can motivate/push myself to train and train hard!

He is such a committed and inspiring trainer and always pushes me to do my best. He is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to healthy eating, he knows what your body needs and how it works which is refreshing in PT as a lot of them don’t know how to combined the two to get the best results…..He takes the time to explain things to you, even if it means he stays behind an extra 15 mins…he is enthusiastic and it’s so refreshing to see.
The gym as a whole has such a friendly vibe and i always look forward to going. All the trainers are great and easy to talk to.

Having always struggled with learning to love myself and with commitment to the gym. I have been training here since it opened!

Luis is such an inspiring trainer and always pushes me to best myself. He has made me come so far through my diet and training and helps me as not only a trainer but someone i can turn to and speak too.

The whole gym has such a fantastic ethic and vibe and i always look forward to going in and working hard!

All three trainers are absolutely fantastic, they know everyone by name and it really is one big family where we all help and inspire each other.

The guys are always on hand to contact and to help and whenever you have a bad day will always help you get straight back up. Never has working your body into a sweat been so much fun!

Immortal is awesome.

I have walked past it SO many times and decided to book a PT session before I hit 40!

I can honestly say I can’t ever see myself not training with him at least twice a week.

Not only does he know his fitness inside out but he has given me so much advice on diet and nutrition.

It makes such a difference going to a gym where the team help you get proper results and achieve goals.

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What's Included in our FREE Session?

  • Bespoke one to one (LIVE Online Or Outdoor) Personal training session
  • Initial discussion to gather your fitness requirements, targets and goal setting
  • Access To our outdoor boot camps which are also streamed online
  • Movement Assessment to gauge form during functional movements, joint stability, balance, and muscle imbalances
  • Gym Fees are included in all Immortal fitness services, no membership required!
  • Custom Programming tailored to your goals
  • Personalised Nutritional Advice
  • Weekly Fitness Email including information on Lifestyle change, Exercise and Case Studies

Hey, I’m Luis,

Born in Bolton, made in the Spanish Alps but forged in the British Army I started my fitness career training soldiers all over the world in all sorts of conditions.

When I left the Army I decided to deliver my skills and passion for fitness to the general public.
I take the success of my clients personally, I won’t just be behind you on your road to better health and fitness, I’ll be right beside you. If you’re going to train with me you’ll soon learn that to me, failure is not an option.

Long term fitness is more than changing old habits and improving, it’s about making a decision to change your life for the better and then acting on that decision. If you’re ready to make that change, you’re ready to put in the work and you want guaranteed results