Some gyms are massive buildings that try to provide lots of different exercise options for customers, from swimming to spin classes to a weight room, sometimes members are lost in such gyms…Boutique gyms and Immortal Fitness studios are the opposite, we focus on one specific area’s of fitness and personally ensure everyone is doing their best week in week out.

1. Personalization

We offer small exercise classes, and one of the benefits of a small class is that the instructor and the rest of the gym staff can get to know the participants better. The personal knowledge helps the gym staff to recommend specific workouts that benefit the customer most, and the small classes can foster a friendlier, more community-like atmosphere in the group than might otherwise be the case in a large, anonymous group. Private classes are also on offer in the gym for people who prefer one-on-one training.

2. Workouts

As boutique a gym we specialize specific areas of fitness, our trainers are very knowledgeable about their area, our workouts vary widely every week so we ensure progression and new content, exercises are fresh for our members.

3. Additional Services

Along with the workouts, some boutique gyms offer services to complement the benefits of the workout. For example, a nutritionist may be on hand to help with healthy eating to complement the exercise, and a psychologist can help to break bad habits and improve mental well-being. But these extra services, along with the exclusivity of the small classes and expert trainers, can make boutique gyms more expensive to join than regular gyms.

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