Don’t fall for all these magic pills and 6 second abb bull####! Be realistic…

We just entered 2018.  I’m not a fan of making resolutions which won’t last.. 🙄

Buuuuuutt Iv not seen many people set any yet…

I have however seen several people selling/repping; ‘skinny juice, fat loss pill, organic detox tea’, ‘APPETITE SUPPRESSOR’ AKA a load of rubbish you’re wasting your money on 😐.  I guarantee you’d get a lot better and more sustainable results from a placebo sugar pill and about effort and consistency.

If you are serious this year to make yourself better for the long 🏃

Try this….

-have a month off boozy weekends. (Which lead to days of exercise, lack of sleep, bad diet and a confused metabolism)

– Be more active and do some exercise every day. it’s easy! (you’ll feel and look better).

-cut the crap out your diet.. eat clean.. (you’ll feel and look better).

-do some research, learn how your body works and try something new!

-take yourself seriously and don’t give up after a week


We would all love to take a pill that would give us our dream bodies whilst making no changes to our lives. The fact of the matter is we are what we eat and we are what we do.

If your eating rubbish and doing nothing at all then don’t resort to some supplement for unsustainable results.

make a change.

I hate running with a passion but I am forcing myself to run a few miles each morning before I eat.. come rain or shine I will force myself this month.

Only on my 3rd run and I’m starting to enjoy it

If you can do a week you can do 2 weeks. If you can do 2 weeks you can do a month! 💯

Stay focussed, if it gets hard or you want to stop… remember what you wanted, remember how far you have come and keep on hammering 🔨

love you all 😘

Make 2018 better than 2017

If you would like any help call 0800 689 1021 and we’ll get you on track.


Alex Higham

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