PERSONAL trainers Luis and Jade Lee are looking to rise to the challenge of opening their third business.

A former bakery in Wilmslow is being transformed into an Immortal Fitness Studio and gym, which is due to open at the end of February.

Luis, 25, and Jade, 33, have Immortal Fitness Studios at Bolton and Warrington and are set to open their third at unit 1A, 3 Hawthorn Lane in Wilmslow.

“The unit was previously a bakery, which we are transforming into a 1,500-square foot VIP boutique fitness studio and gym,” said Luis.


“We opened Immortal Fitness because we think general gymgoers are neglected by a big box or warehouse gyms – we are very understanding and really good at helping and getting people results.

“We know everyone’s name and care about all our members. We are driven by helping as many people as possible, hence we are opening more gyms.

“We believe that whatever your age, gender, size or fitness level a healthy lifestyle should be enjoyed by everyone.

“We help people aged six up to 75 and offer memberships for all ages.

“All our workouts are designed in a way where everyone is welcome – we call it ‘No Judgements, Just Results’.

“We provide an exercise experience that’s effective, diverse and fun, where everyone feels welcome in a friendly and supportive environment.

“We believe you are capable of more than you ever imagined and want to help you get there.

“We don’t judge at Immortal, we keep open minds. You won’t find glares of disapproval from us – that’s not what we’re here for.

“We’re here to encourage, empower and energize you to get you to the goals you want to achieve.

“There’s room for everyone at Immortal, we’re a diverse community and we understand that what drives you may not drive someone else.

“We understand that everyone is different, there is no one type, no one reason, and no one way.

“We help all kinds of people with all types of goals who’ve chosen us to help them reach those goals by providing the optimal training environment and experience.”

If you would like more information or to take advantage of a pre-opening discount visit or call 0800 689 1021.

Luis and Jade are looking for personal trainers and fitness instructors to join the team. If you are interested call 0800 689 1021.

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