Is All This Fitness Worth It? Chris Rogers And David Normingtons Awesome Transformation!

Some days in the fitness industry you do question if it’s worth the struggle at times especially round this time of year where the majority of people lack motivation to come and transform themselves….

Then it just takes one little thing like David my 72 year old client to remind me why I love to help people each and everyday transform…. David has written a testimonial for me on how he has got on from day 1 (1st November 2016 to 12 months down the line which was 1st November 2017)…so if you have 5 minutes spare to give this read i would very much appreciate it and you may even shed a little tear because this I am so proud and grateful to be able to help and work with with such a gentleman!. David isn’t on social media so he’s wrote it out with pen and paper…. Here goes, all in David’s words…..


Around the age of 40, I started with a bad back!. In the beginning of 2016 I started with a pain in my shoulder, which over the weeks and months got increasingly worse. I went to the doctors and was sent to hospital / A & E. The doctor there got in touch with the spinal unit at Liverpool, this then started the ball rolling. The NHS was wonderful, I had every test that was known. It proved that all my organs were good and working fine, except I had lost 2 stone and had shrank 4 inches. My spine had completely collapsed, I had 4 compressed discs at the bottom of my spine, narrowing of the spinal cord and a break in the centre. Around the shoulder a trapped nerve and bone growth in my neck?

The spinal unit said there was nothing they could do except morphine and a wheelchair (I REFUSED), But she did give me some great advice. Buy 2 walking poles and walk. I walked for miles. It eased the pain but all of the different pain killers just made me sick.

A friend suggested I go to ‘Immortal Gym’, there I met Chris. I told him all the above, produced medical records and we began….

This was on the 1st November 2016, it is now November 2017, I am completely PAIN FREE. I have grown 2 inches and putting weight on.

We started very slowly to build muscle to take the strain off my back (baby steps) and POSTURE… I had none….i worked out in the gym for 3 half an hour sessions per week. I also had a daily program for home. I was taught the difference between good pain and bad pain (I went through a lot of good pain!) with Chris’s encouragement and support, we went through it together. He provided the tools, I did the work (he has a lot of tools in his arsenal). The little steps turned into giant leaps and we are where we are. 2 inches taller, gaining weight, NO PAIN and a great outlook on life.

So Thank you Chris, my trainer and friend.

Chris Rogers (Immortal).

I truly believe I am still on a journey with Chris and who knows where it will lead. I am 73 in December but feel 20 again!.

Thank you

D.Normington (Dave)

It’s a privilege to help this guy improve and have a much better quality of life now. If I am like him when I get to that age then I will be very proud.

P. S. Check out those abs poking through that top 💪

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