Really exiting news guys, train when you feel like it! 💅🙊🔥

Really exiting news guys!

You will be able to come and do even more training! On the Immortal house!

We will be holding specific open workouts 0700-0900 & 1915-2015 on Monday-Fridays in Stockton Heath and 0700-0900 & 1815-1915 on Bromley Cross!

We realised you need a little more flexibility with most people having very busy and hectic lives!

So whenever you fancy coming in between any of the timings above go for it when they are launched! We’re just making the open classes for you as we speak… we’re going to design different a different workout for every open workout!

Members don’t worry it’s not coming off your classes! Join us for some more results!

That being said if you know anyone who would like to come and do the open workouts they can just be a open workout member, they don’t have to come to the classes!

So for example in Stockton Heath it would work like this!

0600 class, 0700-0900 open workouts, 0915 class, 1815 class, 1915-2015 open workouts, 2015 class!

How does that sound?!

We’re even looking at dinner/lunch time workouts! But we can’t promise anything on them as yet!

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