Are you someone that feels frumpy after the festive period?

Would you like to be able to get through the festive period without weighing as much as Father Christmas in the New Year?

If you answered ‘Yes’ then this could be for you…..

Christmas is a very fun and family orientated time ❤️. It is also a difficult time for those that have already told themselves that they want to get ‘fit’ and ‘healthy’, being surrounded by endless amounts of sausage rolls, pigs in blankets, biscuits tins, sweets can alot of the time feel like a losing battle from the second you break up from work and let your hair down right…..

What if I told you that there is always a way to thoroughly enjoy yourself without piling the pounds on at the same time by just making a few small changes in your lifestyle.

Example…. If you know that you’re going to having a day full of heavy eating / drinking, make the extra effort to get up in the morning and either go to the gym and get a sweat on or use the wilderness outside and go for a run or do a mini workout on the park so you can allow yourself to consume those extra calories on that day without worrying too much about what the scales are going to say by the end of the week.

I have put together an offer that will end at midnight on 24th December 2017……

I know the struggle is real coming up to Christmas with buying presents for everyone and making sure you’ve got the biggest turkey you can find and 500 tins of Fox’s biscuits for desert or just when

you’re feeling peckish….

Did you know that training with a friend, family member / loved one can increase your chances of achieving the results that you want ten fold!. Having the support of the ones closest to you will help to give you the push that you need to get up everyday and get SH*T done.

Treat someone special this Christmas…. For a limited time only I am offering duo PT transformation packages at 50% off. Limited spaces available. I will not be offering anything like this again for a very long time, terms and conditions apply. Tag and share away, comment and drop me a message to find out more!.

P. S. As if it’s only 70 days until Christmas 😒 🎅

Chris Rogers

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