Immortal Personal Trainer James Shaw’s Story

I wasn’t always a fitness professional…but of course, this is an obvious statement.

▪️When it comes to embarking on a course of exercise, we all have a moment that causes us to make a change. For some, that first step starts early in their lives. For others, it comes later – usually at a point when they are unhappy with the way they look or they are feeling out of shape.

▪️Personally I didn’t take my first step until I was almost forty. During my thirties I worked six days a week in a pressurised job. I’d get home and not want to do anything. Outside work I lacked energy and led a sedentary life. I wasn’t just lacking a bit of fitness, I was totally out of shape.

▪️I decided to look around my local gym. Before I joined I came up with reasons why I couldn’t start. I blamed a lack of time. I was busy. I worked long hours. I had family and social commitments. But I knew a lack of time was an excuse. I spent many evenings on the sofa cradling the remote – I had time.

▪️I joined the gym. I felt self conscious and it wasn’t easy at first, but I got my head down and started working out. I felt like quitting a few times but stuck at it. After a while I started to feel fitter and stronger. Things that were difficult became easier. This spurred me on and I started educating myself about diet.

▪️Soon I began to see bumps appear in places I’d never had bumps before. I was healthier and aesthetically looked better. I still had my moments on the sofa after working out but felt I’d earned them.

▪️I’m sharing this in the hope it might resonate with someone.

▪️If you are reading this and you are in a similar place to where I was, I’d urge you to take that first step like I did and make a start. It won’t be easy, and it takes time, but I guarantee if you stick at it it will be absolutely worth it.

▪️Thanks for reading:)))

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