Fitness Gym Free Fitness For Kids Bolton And Warrington

A NEW fitness center is coming to Horwich and will be offering free sessions to help youngsters be active and healthy.

Immortal Fitness is set to open in an upstairs studio in Lee Lane, next to Sainsbury’s, and is hoping to start offering its services from the first week in September.

The company already runs centers in Bromley Cross and Warrington but is now set to expand into Horwich.

Immortal offers a group personal training workout as well as a chance to get fit with one-to-one personal trainers and sessions last around 45 minutes.

In Bromley Cross, the studio has been offering free fitness sessions to under 18s and this will be coming to the new center.

Luis Lee, the manager at the fitness center, said: “We want to offer the free classes as it was a huge success in Bromley Cross.

“We want to get the other side of Bolton involved in what we do. I think Horwich needs this and apart from the sports center, there is nothing like this.”

As well as helping to get the people of Horwich fit, the new center will give an employment boost to the area as it will need at least five personal trainers to help run the center.

Mr. Lee said: “I think it will be a good location for everyone, especially if we can help the kids, that will be an added bonus.

“It is our third location. It is not just for young people, it is open to everyone.”

Immortal believes that whatever your age, gender, size or fitness level, a healthy lifestyle should be enjoyed by everyone.

When the Horwich center opens there will be free fitness for youngsters from 4 pm on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

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