A FITNESS studio is searching for two residents who weigh at least 20 stone each to guide them through a strict ‘life-changing’ body transformation plan.

Immortal Fitness Studios in Stockton Heath, on London Road, has teamed up with Prepped2Go, on Winwick Street, to stage the free weight loss initiative titled ‘Warrington’s Biggest Loser’ to provide Warrington’s premier gym transformation course.

Immortal director Luis Lee, 25, will put the two Warrington residents, a man, and a woman, through a personal training plan, while the healthy restaurant will be responsible for the nutrition.

Luis said: “We want to give something back to the community.

“We need to take interviews as we want to find two people who really deserve it and then we want to help both of them change their life.

“We need to make sure the two individuals are willing to stick to the strict regime in place.

“It is going to be an eight to 12-week transformation.

“It depends on their build, height, body type and structure but they could lose more than five stone.

“It will entail two to four personal training sessions a week and they will be one to one.

“We are confident we will change their life for the better.”

Luis also believes he will take a lot from the challenge.

He said: “I have worked with people who have been 17 to 18 stone before but nobody over 20 stone, so it will be a learning curve for me as well.

“They will be looked after in a non-judgmental environment.

“From our perspective, it will be so rewarding to see the changes following the plan.

“It is a really daunting world to get fit, especially in big gyms where it is not a nice environment at times.

“People who are just starting out can be frightened.

“I started in a big gym and did not particularly like how it was.”

Luis also revealed how the partnership with Prepped2Go formed before he asked the firm to get on board with his latest initiative.

He added: “I went in one day and tried their food and really liked it.

“After that, we just became good friends and it went from there.”

Prepped2Go will be delivering food to the two residents to Immortal’s Stockton Heath site each week.

Earlier this year the fitness studio joined forces with The Joshua Tree – a charity which supports families across the region affected by childhood cancer.

Luis took four children from the organization under his wing to offer help with nutrition and training.

Anybody weighing at least 20 stone is invited to get involved in the challenge, regardless of training experience.

To put your name forward or for further information about the transformation plan visit

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