I find Immortal Fitness Studios Bolton Gym to be a great motivator in the Personal Training sessions. They push me above and beyond my own fitness level which has been good for my success. During our training sessions, Luis varies the exercises and tailors them to my personal goals.

They have taken the time to understand my goals and the barriers enabling him to support and motivate me. Immortal Fitness Studios Bolton Gym has also helped me to understand my diet better focusing on what I should be eating and he even gave me a really simple food plan to follow which helped me to get started. I now keep a diary of what I have eaten so they can analyze this to make sure I’m getting the nutrients I need and to help me to achieve my goals. I have found the healthier diet much easier than fad diets and skipping meals.

The training sessions are always a lot of fun and I feel much more confident in the gym which as improved the quality of my training sessions when I’m training alone. I would recommend Immortal Fitness Studios Bolton Gym as a trainer to anyone who is serious about getting fit.

Kellie Ashley

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