As a rugby player, strength, confidence and power are essential to my success on the pitch and as a sun seeker a toned physique is important off it. As a hard working, scrum driving machine who needs to fly through the air, a varied exercise routine which works alongside my club training is required to enhance and develop my skill set and improve my technique.

Immortal Fitness Studios Warrington Gym has nailed this every session. Incorporating strength and conditioning and targetting key areas to enhance my performance. I have made gains since day one. I feel muscular but not bulky, fitter, faster and firmer.

I have toned and strengthened my legs, bum, back and my shoulders which is vital for my position on the pitch and have improved my flexibilty and confidence. Ive even had to buy smaller clothes and show my muscles off alot more!

Immortal Fitness Studios Warrington Gym has friendly professional trainers who you can talk too and is always available for questions. He pushes me to lift big and stand tall and is a genuine nice guy who cares about his clients but wont take any nonsense whinging, which I do alot as im pretty lazy.

Immortal Fitness Studios Warrington Gym helps me work through my negative thoughts and this keeps me on track. Great results so far!

Lianne Barclay

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