Immortal Fitness Studios Warrington Gym has amazing personal trainers regardless your size/weight he will put a plan in place to help you reach your goals. I have been training with Immortal Fitness Studios Warrington Gym now for a month and I have lost 5kg of weight I feel healthier,happier,more confident and this is all because of their help and guidance they push you so much during training so you do not give up he puts up with my moaning about pain during our sessions but pushes me to complete the session..

They are lovely lads who always makes me Laugh and are always willing to provide me with help about the correct foods I should eat when I am out shopping or at home cooking I can text Immortal Fitness Studios Warrington Gym and ask to advise and he is always happy to help.

I have never had a personal trainer before and I was very unsure about going with one but I am so happy that I did and that I chose to go with Luis I love our sessions even tho they can be hard I push myself to reach my goals and I can not wait to see my future goals be achieved with Immortal Fitness Studios Warrington Gym’s help

Gemma Amery

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