I first met Luis from Immortal Fitness Studios Warrington Gym just over a month ago when he came bounding over to me and asked if I was interested in Personal Training. Not wanting to pass on the opportunity I turned up the following week for my session.

I couldn’t walk for a week after, which made me realize that yes I was going to the gym but I was just going through the motions and not really pushing myself. I booked a consultation with Luis and we talked through everything; from what motivates me, what holds me back, my diet and what I want to achieve.

He took my measurements and my weight and we have been having regular twice weekly sessions from then on. The workouts are always varied and Luis has a great balance between supportive friend and drill sergeant. His nutrition advice has really turned around my diet which has left me more energized and released me from the vicious circle of eating sugars to compensate my lack of energy. The changes my body have gone through in the past month have amazed me. I feel so much more confident in the way that I look it has made me a much more confident person all round.

Kat Howard

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