I started training with Immortal Fitness Studios Bolton Gym about 2 months ago, has been going to the gym on and off for several years, without ever really pushing myself, not really knowing where to start with free weights or even what my long term goals were. I’ll say that within the first month of personal training, my whole attitude turned around, and my view on working out and avoiding the gym changed completely.

Not only that, I added cm’s on my arms and chest! Immortal Fitness Studios Bolton Gym has not only helped me with the physical side of the gym but has been very helpful in providing advice on the foods you should be eating to obtain the goals we set out during our initial consultation. One of the great benefits of the personal training for me was that I had a leader to show me the way and to really think for me when it came to mapping out each session.

Immortal Fitness Studios Bolton Gym works with you, and not only helps you work towards and achieving your initial goals but adapts to the new ones you make for yourself as you progress. The training is so dynamic as well as interesting. I feel like I am always doing a circuit or routine that I’ve never done before, and it takes the tediousness out of your workout. The results have been incredible physically and mentally. The only drawback would be that I am now having to buy larger clothes, stepping up from a small to medium!! Thanks,

Immortal Fitness Studios Bolton Gym

Geoff Howarth

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