Fats are given a bad reputation by most and there is a lot of confusion around dietary fats. People think that fats make you fat but that’s not the case.

Fats are essential to life and help make our bodies work. They provide us with a vast amount of vital roles like hormone production, absorption of nutrients, the structure of cell walls, our immune system, metabolism and more.

Most people are aware that fats are an important part of our diets but would still go for ‘low fat’ products.

The basics.
Dietary fats are naturally occurring molecules that are part of our diet. They belong to a larger group of compounds named lipids.
We consume dietary fats through foods such as fish, meats, nuts and seeds, oils, beans, and dairy.

Our bodies use fats for energy alongside other dietary nutrients like protein and carbohydrates.

How do I get fat from eating fat’s then?

The same way I get fat by eating anything … by eating too much of it.

Fats are important but also higher in calories than protein and fats (9calories to 1gram fat, 4 calories to 1gram of protein or carbs) so when eating fatty foods it’s important to be aware that fatty foods may be higher in calories…

for example half an avocado in comparison to banana.. the banana is made from carbs/sugars mostly and is lower in calories than the avocado although they are both nutritious.

It’s simple

If I eat more calories than I need.. or I’m outputting, then I will gain weight but that’s basic in terms of how to loose weight. It gets.

Or complicated and a lot more in-depth in terms of what macronutrients do what and how our bodies break them down and use them as energy Without going into too much detail.

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