Former Army instructor prepares to set up camp at Stockton Heath fitness studio

RESIDENTS may think again before aborting their mission to get fit in the new year when a former British Army physical training instructor arrives in Stockton Heath.

Immortal Personal Training, which will be based on London Road, is preparing for its launch night on January 16.

Owner Luis Lee spent four years in his role in the British Army but following an intensive planning project in the past year he decided to set up camp in the village for his new venture.

“In the previous six months I have been busy planning and building up the clientele,” said the 25-year-old.

“There will be a fitness studio at the site and we will offer group classes, as well as personal training.

“We will help people looking to get fit with 24/7 support.”

Four self-employed staff, made up of a masseuse and three personal trainers, will be based at the studio after the opening night, which will also feature fundraising activities to support The Joshua Tree charity trust.

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