No carbs before bed

Indeed I’ve heard it many times myself, sometimes by “professionals” it’s breathtaking. Breath…relax… It’s simply not true, our bodies don’t know what time it is… Sometimes I don’t know what time it is never mind my left bicepticon, anyway, don’t stress if you’re wanting something at night or at any time in the day. It all comes down to what your goal is and I’m taking a wild guess if you’re still reading this it’s to lose weight. Let’s say you are, you need to be below your daily calorie/weekly allowance to lose weight… THAT’S IT.

Weight training makes a woman go bulky (sorry the title was bit misleading but hey you’re here now…. I think it does make “some” women bulky

So you’ve probably heard the benefits of a woman lifting weights? To name a few… tight arms, herculean gluteus maximuses, lose weight,  the list of benefits go on and on and they’re all true in the correct context. If you’re a woman and you’re training lifting weights and you are getting bulky and increasing your weight then more than likely you are over your calorie maintenance level, which isn’t a problem if it fits your goal.

Squatting with women is a massive trend on social media because it’s in trend but it doesn’t mean you should follow said programme. If you don’t want your bum to grow I wouldn’t recommend doing heavy squats 3 times a week.

Do your homework speak to someone who understands your true goals and what you truly want to look like.

Targeting problem areas

” I want to lose fat just on my legs…”

Unless you decide to take a course of surgery you cannot spot target problem areas… it’s a case of losing overall body fat. Some areas may be more stubborn than others but no one is perfect.  90% of the people you see on social media these days are either Photoshopped or worse; be proud of who you are. Set your goals and tick them off one by one… YOU CAN DO THIS


If I do ABS everyday I’ll have a six-pack in no time (WRONG)

Super lean abs or a 6 pack or whatever they are called don’t come from just doing the exercises. They come from low body fat.. we have ALL got abs, how do you think you get out of bed in the morning? Once again we’re back to nutrition and lifestyle… people are so mesmerised by the exercises and gym workouts they disregard the most important aspect of getting fit and healthy – what you do outside of the gym.

If you’re reading this and you really want abs – grab a cookbook and find out what you need to eat daily to lose weight. I would use the Harrison Ford formula,  only kidding please tell me you typed that in…. “Harrison Benedict formula” and see what your daily needs are.  BMR stands for basic metabolic rate so that’s the minimum you need to maintain optimum function… do not exceed more than a 20% deficit of the BMR , from there divide that into your macronutrients (what you want your calories to look like on a plate, CARBS, FATS, PROTEINS and have a play around to see what you perform better on day to day (safely and not too drastic or it may not work out,excuse the pun, so well for you andyou may fail and lose your confidence)

It will become more and more difficult so hang on in there…

Running is the best way to lose weight

Not necessarily, what if you’ve got bad knees? Is it still the best? NO. It depends on the individual and its a form of exercise like anything else. We live in a society where you have to be in the trend to be cool or lose weight the way your friends want you to lose weight.

Well, you don’t, if you want to lose weight throwing a frisbee around the park 3 times a week with your family then go for it because it is possible. It may not be the most efficient way of doing it but who cares? as long as you’re happy to throw away!

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